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Query any Webpage or API

Access, crawl, enrich, and clean data from anywhere to anywhere.

Lights, camera, 'n IT! ✨

|| find comments
|| filter "(nodeName == 'A') and (parentElement.attributes.class == 'subline')"
|| open $attributes.href$
|| filter "(attributes.class == 'comment')"

Dreamy Webpage and API data feeds. 🌜

|| freeze --store "kafka-prod" --kafka.topic "hn_comments"

Yeah, can do a whole lot... 🎨

Push incremental changes

Compare results from previous results and only retain what is new.

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Schedule queries

Schedule queries to be run on a set interval.

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Send data to 30+ stores

Send your data to Amazon S3, Kafka, Splunk and a whole lot more.

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Client authentication for OAuth

Authenticate with multiple OAuth providers in order to access protected API data.

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Credentials vault for secrets

Store custom credentials for use in queries.

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Expand queries

Expand API/web links and aggregate results.

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Domain throttling

Control the interval of accessing a domain based on custom prescribed rate limit policies.

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Take webpage screenshots

Take full size and/or element screenshots from a webpage.

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Run queries with your favorite language

Access the query results with auth keys and the REST API.

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The web is yours.