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Chainable GPT Prompts, Synthetic Data Generation - All About Our 1.2 Release

· 2 min read
crul team

Whoa, we've included Prompts and Synthetic Data Generation in this release. Are we missing something? Let us know!

Chainable GPT Prompts

Integrate GPT into your data pipeline. Send, chain and reuse prompts with fine grained sampling, likelihood, penalty, bias and model control.

Seed prompts with API and Web data. Recursively generate prompts from other prompts. Lose your mind.


Synthetic Data Generation

Create synthetic data sets using both real data in combination with fully synthesized values. Use natural language prompts describing the synthetic data sets you would like to generate.


And much much more...

Read more of more...

Join our Community

Come hang out and ask us any questions. Some of the features and fixes in this release come from your requests!

Crul’n IT,
Nic and Carl