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SOAP API support, XML file uploads, melt your data - All About Our 1.5 Release

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crul team

Turn SOAP APIs into data sets with ease. Tidy up your data with the melt command. Support for XML data sources and uploads. Are we missing something? Let us know!

SOAP API support

Make SOAP API requests using the soap command. Transform SOAP APIs into clean, tabular data sets with the benefits of crul's caching, domain policies, and powerful command library.


Melt data

Apply Tidy Data principles through the new melt command. Perfect for nested data when the normalize isn't quite what you are looking for.


And much much more...

Read more of more...

Join our Community

Come hang out and ask us any questions. Some of the features and fixes in this release come from your requests!

Crul’n IT,
Nic and Carl