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Read Parquet Files, Dataset JSON Schema Validation - All About Our 1.8 Release

· 2 min read
crul team

Read Parquet files from your object store, transform and validate against JSON schemas for export to your Data Lake. Are you interested in something? Let us know!

Read Parquet Files​

The curl and api commands can now automatically read Apache Parquet files in compressed (gz) or uncompressed formats. Get your Data Lake exploration or migration game on.

Dataset JSON Schema Validation​

The new jsonvalidate command allows for the validation of datasets against predefined JSON Schemas either local or remote. OCSF transformation and validation has never been easier.

Commnd Bulk Operations​

Enhance search performance through multiple command operations in one call now with the addcolumn, rename, replace, tonumber commands.

Parquet Write Compression Options​

Use the compression algorithm of your choice when freezing results in Apache Parquet format. Support for snappy, gzip, lzo, brotli, lz4, zstd.

And much much more...​

Read more of more...

Join our Community​

Come hang out and ask us any questions. Some of the features and fixes in this release come from your requests!

Crul’n IT,
Nic and Carl