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Below is a breakdown of all services available through the crul API. Enjoy our internal names!

Services Breakdown:


Query Processor

The sirp service is the core query processor and management REST service. It manages the operation of query processor maintenance operations (such as cache/query reaping), dispatch and state management of queries, and can act as a proxy to other services when crul is deployed as a single instance.


Domain Throttler

The gonogo service manages domain policies and ensures that queries execute according to any relevant domain policies.


Secrets Vault

The secrets service manages the creation, modification, deletion and operation of secrets.


License Server

The licorice service manages licenses, and checks that a valid license is installed for the requested operation.


Query Processor Worker Group

The workers service manages the creation, modification, and deletion of workers.


Query Processor Jobs Queue

The jobs service is a REST layer for a jobs queue that can be fulfilled by workers.


Query Results Stream Processor

The mentos service handles export of results to third party data stores, such as Kafka, AWS S3, etc.


Screenshot Storage

The screenshot service maintains screenshots that can be generated during the execution of queries.


Browser Cluster

The krull service is a headless browser cluster that is used by the query processor and command workers to executer browser based commands.


Query Scheduler

The almanac service manages the creation, modification, deletion, and execution of scheduled queries.