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Workers execute query processor jobs, both for maintenance of the query processor, and the execution of commands, queries, and query summaries. Depending on your deployment, workers can be configured to only execute certain types of work (outlined below), or execute multiple (or all) worker types.


Workers can be enabled/disabled from the workers page.

One useful worker to occasionally disable is the cache reaper, this is useful for preserving the query results cache for as long as the cache reaper worker is disabled.

Worker Types:


Query jobs are the execution and management of queries, which are comprised of one or more stages, each containing one or more command jobs.


Command jobs are the execution of specific work, either transforming results, making and processing api requests, etc.


Summary jobs run alongside queries, and maintain a state and history of a query as it executes.

Cache Reaper

Cache reapers ensure that the cache is kept fresh by removing query, stage, and command results that have expired.

Query Reaper

Query reapers ensure that stale queries are removed once they have expired.

Query Refresh

Query refresh jobs maintain the query state and cached results of active queries (running or in use).

Screenshot Reaper

Screenshot reapers ensure that screenshots that have expired are removed.