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Query Web, API, AI and export or send results.

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Schedule, and throttle Web, API and AI into your data pipeline.

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Manage, organize and accelerate Web, API, AI and security in your data pipeline with business apps.

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SupportDiscord and Docs7 Help Requests / MonthUnlimited - 24x7x365
Business ApplicationsUnlimited - Workday, Salesforce, Mulesoft, RELTIO and others.
User Authentication
Storage Destinations110Unlimited - Cribl, Kafka, S3, Snowflake, Splunk, and others.
Deployment Options
  • Docker Container
  • Mac OSX Desktop
  • Docker Container
  • Mac OSX Desktop
  • Docker Container
  • Mac OSX Desktop
  • Custom Binary
  • Fully Hosted
Domain Rate Limiting Control10Unlimited
Credentials Vault220Unlimited
REST API Keys110Unlimited
Chainable AI Prompts220Unlimited
Query Templates1001000Unlimited
Query Stage Checkpoints10Unlimited
Custom File Storage550Unlimited - CSV, XML, JSON, NDJSON, WSDL and others.
Commands (75+)