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Upgrading crul


In order to maintain your configuration (credentials, etc.) it is necessary that you follow the upgrade instructions below. Otherwise, you will need to reconfigure your crul installation after upgrading.

Step 1: Download latest crul version

Download the crul-vx.x.x.tar.gz of the crul version you wish to install onto the same machine as current crul. The latest version of crul can be downloaded from the Account page.

Step 2: Backup crul

Optional but highly recommended

Make a copy of the current crul installation.

Step 3: Expand TGZ into existing crul

In a CLI, navigate the directory containing the crul-vlatest.tar.gz file.

Run the following command to expand the crul-vlatest.tar.gz file and upgrade crul. State (scheduled queries, secrets, etc.) will be maintained.

mv crul-vlatest.tar.gz /Applications && osascript -e 'quit app "crul"' && cd /Applications && tar -xzf crul-vlatest.tar.gz -C /Applications && rm -rf ~/Desktop/ && mv ~/Desktop/ && open ~/Desktop/



If you have a more complex directory structure, the above CLI command is described below

osascript -e 'quit app "crul"'

Close any running instance of crul.

cd /Applications

Move to the directory containing the crul application.

tar -xzf crul-vlatest.tar.gz -C /Applications

Untar the latest crul version into the existing app, this will overwrite files that have changed, while leaving configurations untouched.

rm -rf ~/Desktop/

Remove any stale copies of crul from the Desktop directory.

mv ~/Desktop

Move the crul application to Desktop. Due to Mac OS security requirements, a downloaded application must move itself into Applications to run, so this will move crul out so we can move it back into Applications.

open ~/Desktop/

Open crul from the Desktop directory. It will prompt itself to move.