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Business Apps for Data Lakes, Query Variables, API Pagination - All About Our 1.6 Release

· 2 min read
crul team

We've packed in plenty of your requests into this one! Authenticate and query Business Apps for export to your Data Lake. Maintain state across query stages using the new --variable flag. Paginate through REST and SOAP APIs with ease. Are we missing something? Let us know!

Business Apps for Data Lakes​

Authenticate and query Workday, Salesforce, Reltio, Mulesoft and Zoom. Store Business App event data to your preferred Data Lake.


Query Variables​

You will often find yourself needing a value from a few stages ago that has been filtered out while developing queries. Some examples would be credentials, dates, or other bits of state. This release introduces query variables for simple stage level state setting and retrieval.


API Pagination​

Paginate any type of REST and SOAP API specification.


Global controls​

Disable caching globally for certain development and production use cases. Turn off Domain Throttling for increased outbound request throughput - use at your own risk!

And much much more...​

Read more of more...

Join our Community​

Come hang out and ask us any questions. Some of the features and fixes in this release come from your requests!

Crul’n IT,
Nic and Carl