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Introducing crul!

· One min read
crul team

We are extremely excited to introduce you to crul 1.0.1!

We are Carl and Nic, the creators of crul, and we have been hard at work for the last year and a half building our dream of turning the web into a dataset.

The name crul comes from a mashup of the word "crawl" (as in web crawling), and "curl", one of our favorite tools for interacting with the web. We certainly have gone back on forth on potential confusion, but we just loved the mashup!

With crul, you can rapidly interact with webpages and APIs to build datasets, expand links asynchronously for custom crawling operations, and process and structure datasets for scheduled delivery to third party systems.

We aim to make web data accessible and usable to anyone who wants it.

We are so excited to help you unlock the power of crul for your web data use cases!

Carl and Nic